Forbes Exposes How Chicago’s Pay-to-Play Works With Green Energy


Thomas Barton, Illinois Pay-to-Play Political Commentator

Writing for Forbes’ on-line magazine, Larry Bell, an expert in climate, energy, environmental and space policy issues, explains how the Obama administration has deployed the Chicago Way in awarding contracts. His article, entitled “Obama Kick-Back Cronyism, Part 1: Stimulating Green Energy the Chicago Way” can be read here.

“This article is the first in a four-part series discussing the early formative Chicago political career days of Barack Obama as community organizer, lawyer, Illinois state senator, financial foundation executive, and U.S. Senate campaigner. Part 2 will emphasize his activities related to Illinois health care issues leading to Obamacare.”

You can read Part Two here. It’s entitled “Obama Kick-Back Cronyism - Part 2: Illinois Health And Human Disservices.”

It’s unclear whether Forbes will complete the four-part series with Parts 3 and 4.  Maybe they got a phone call.


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