Hey Chicago Tribune: What’s on the secret Blagojevich tapes?


Ernie Souchak, Editor-in-Chief

A reliable source informs IP2P that Tribune Company spokesman Gary Weitman has stated, for-the-record, that the decision to publish or not publish the Blagojevich wiretap transcripts – given to the Chicago Tribune, and only to the Tribune, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and never made public – is a decision that rests in the hands of Tribune editor Gerould Kern.

Weitman knows that the tapes and transcripts were under court seal, and have not been made available to the public. Upon further inquiry, Weitman repeated that the decision to publish, or not publish, is one that would have to be taken-up with Gerould Kern.

To date, Kern has refused to respond to multiple request seeking an explanation for his decision not to publish the Blago tapes.

We call on Gerould Kern to rethink his decision, and publish the transcripts. And, if Kern does not reconsider, and continues to keep secrets, rather than act as a responsible newspaper editor, then we call on the Tribune Co. to replace him with someone who understands the importance of an honest "Fourth Estate".

What is on the Blago tapes that the Feds and Trib editor Gerould Kern do not want the public to know?


What the Blago camp is saying....


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  1. This, as all things CHICAGO, really pisses me off. Special favors and treatment from the federal government to the press. I am sure it goes both ways. Screw them all!

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