Nadhmi Auchi further outed by John Shaw thanks to Doug Ross


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(Nadhmi Auchi)

John Shaw, former senior official in the Defense, State, and Commerce departments, who also served on several White House staffs, was a specialist in international technology transfer and arms sales, as well as in the economic development of the Middle East.

Doug Ross recently posted a piece written by Shaw that helps us grasp the extent of corruption in Chicago, and the devastating effects that corruption is having on U.S. sovereignty.

The insidious nature of Chicago corruption is enabled by both Democrats and Republicans, as well as a faux Chicago media.

It's bipartisan. And it bridges multiple White House administrations.

IP2P applauds Dr. John Shaw (PhD. Cambridge) for his patriotic and bold actions. We, also, commend the intrepid blogger, Doug Ross, for his honest journalism at a time when it is so needed, and so very rare.

Go to www.directorblueblogspot.com to read Shaw's latest piece entitled "Arab Money and the Purchase of a President".



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