After a decade of Patrick Fitzgerald “The Combine” alive and well

Ernie Souchak, Editor-in-Chief

"Combine Hack"


Article penned by Lee Cary for TeaParty911.com gives the cold hard facts.

Illinois GOP Central Committee picks “Combine” lobbyist as Chair

By Lee Cary

On June 1, 2013,the Illinois State Republican Central Committee (IRCC) elected John “Jack” Dorgan as its Chair and showed how “The Combine” works.

In Illinois, there’s only one political party. It’s The Combine – the collaborative combination of Democrat and Republican politicians and party officials who work together to harvest the taxpayers’ money.

The Tea Party organizations in Illinois are up against The Combine. Understanding what that means requires understanding what The Combine is, and how it operates.

The “Combine”

About fifteen years ago, a descriptive label was coined to apply to the Illinois political environment by Chicago Tribune writer, John Kass. He called it “The Combine.”

Former Illinois U.S. Senator (1999-2005) Peter Fitzgerald was the last Senator or Governor to challenge The Combine. It cost him his political career.

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