The Tribune and Sun Times: Enemies of Chicago’s People


Editorial Board

Former pollster for Jimmy Carter, and long-time Democrat Pat Caddell, is not a conservative Republican, is not a Tea Party person, and has never been a Republican.  He recently called the American media an “enemy of the American people”.


 He delivered that accusation before the Accuracy in Media organization here, and, more briefly,recently on the FOX network.

We share Caddell’s characterization of the media.  And, we think it’s time to bring that criticism home to Chicago.


Chicago’s two largest daily newspapers, the Tribune and the Sun Times, are, and have long been, enemies of Chicago’s people – all of its people.


Their owners and publishers, their editors, their reporters – their entire staffs – are complicit in the level of corruption in this city that has warranted Cook County the reputation as being one of the most corrupt, if not the most corrupt, place in America.


The degree of rot in city, county and state governments could not have been sustained, to such a depth and length, without the complicity of Chicago’s two, largest newspapers.


The Trib and the Times are, in short, the essential enablers of Chicago’s corruption.


They do not, nor have they been for many years, reporters of the news. They manage the flow of news, doing just enough to occasionally give the impression of being watch dogs guarding against municipal malfeasance, or bold sources of information concerning on-going crime sprees.


In fact, they are neither, for they do not fundamentally serve the best interests of Chicago’s people.


They are neither courageous, nor free, nor independent. Consequently,…


They are enemies of Chicago’s people.  


To be continued....