Laura Loomer blocks reporter from viewing her Tweets!


Marty Watters, Investigative reporter

Self-proclaimed "patriot influencer" Laura Loomer is cracking under the pressure of being exposed as a grifter. Loomer just blocked me from viewing her Twitter account because I have been investigating her partnership with attorney John M. Pierce, a con man who has been pretending to represent  a number of Jan 6 defendants.

So the woman who sued Twiiter for blocking people from seeing her tweets is now blocking reporters from seeing her tweets. That's rich, Laura! Can't wait to hear you try and explain that move.

Loomer does not like me gathering the facts about her relationhip with the money-raising clown shows known as the John Pierce Law firm and the National Constitutional Law Union (NCLU). 

I'm being kind when I say clown shows!

At the head of these two laughable organizations is Pierce, a lawyer who has a sordid history of raising lots of money for high-profile cases and then doing very little, if any, legal work for his "clients".


In fact, I'm having a hard time finding a case he has ever won or a former client that is not in the process of filing bar complaints against him.

The people I contacted that have worked for or with Pierce have plenty to say as well, none of it flattering. Much of what they tell me could put Pierce in legal jeopardy. It truly is despicable that this man is still able to present himself as a lawyer.

Someone must be protecting this drug- and alcohol- addicted clown!

As for Loomer selectively self-censoring her own Twitter account in an attempt to keep me from viewing her tweets promoting her out-of-control grifter pal.

Well, let's just say that Laura Loomer and John Pierce obviously share the same brain.


More come...