United Airlines scandal: Bookkeeper admits to committing accounting fraud!

Marty Watters, Investigative Reporter

Fraudulent invoice created by Tedd Gagen

Tedd Gagen, president of Info Staff Services Corp. and bookkeeper for the asbestos removal company that illegally removed asbestos from United Airlines former World Headquarters, A&E Services, Inc., is now on record admitting that she committed accounting fraud at the direction of United Airlines senior staff.



A&E Services, Inc. was contracted by United Airlines to remove large amounts of asbestos from United's former WHQ in Illinois.

A&E did not pull permits or follow ANY of the laws and regulations governing the removal and dumping of asbestos.

Over the course of ten months, A&E created fraudulent invoices to circumvent internal accounting controls at United in order to conceal United's illegal removal and dumping of asbestos.

Now Gagen, the A&E bookkeeper who created the fraudulent invoices for United's illegal asbestos removal and dumping, has gone on record stating that United management instructed her on how to go about committing the accounting fraud.

According to Gagen, United's OPC facilities manager Sylvia Empen and other senior staff at United's former WHQ instructed her on how to word and submit the fraudulent invoices, including the A&E invoices that list work that United knows A&E Services did not even perform.


Yep, that's accounting fraud all right. Plain and simple.

Repeated on 68 separate asbestos jobs!

Could this be why United and its high priced attorneys are doing everything they can to buy and/or threaten witnesses with direct knowledge of these crimes into silence?

Yeah, that be why. That be why they have been threatening me too.

I'm a witness who knows all the juicy details of this crime spree!

Hey, United, tampering with witnesses is risky business. Did you run all of this past a good risk assessment firm? Or your shareholders?

Oops! Too late now.

More to come..

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