Will Sun Times officially declare as a Democrat Party P.A.C.?


Annabel Kent, Chicago Media Critic

A recent article by one of the highly-touted Sun Times “Watchdogs,” that trio of intrepid  investigative reporters with keen noses for ferreting out the bad actors in Chicagoland, begs the question, Is the Sun Times on the verge of becoming a democrat political action committee?

Carol Marin, one of the dogs on the Sun Times’ watch, recently wrote an article entitled “Obama needs Clinton on ticket” wherein she offers political advice to the Democrat Party and to Chicago’s favorite son, President Obama.

Marin wrote,

“In a White House dominated by men — chiefs of staff, press spokesmen and advisers — Hillary Clinton pops out like a red dress in a sea of black suits.  Moreover, she deserves another shot at the top slot in 2016. And the vice presidency is a way to position that. In the words of the Obama friend, ‘It would be good for the country."

Recently, the Sun Times announced that it would no longer endorse candidates for the Presidency. But it’s okay, apparently, for its writers to implicitly endorse candidates under the guise of “reporting”.  Hey, why not?

Marin – did I mention she’s a Watchdog? – is not implicitly endorsing Obama, she throws Joe Biden under the bus and promotes Hillary Clinton for the VP slot.

Her reason for wanting Clinton is that it will add a feminine side to the ticket. Isn’t that special? Hillary, it seems, wrote a much better Get Well card to Senator Kirk, recovering from a recent stroke, than did Barack. And the quality of the Get Well cards that a person writes is, as we all know, a Hallmark indicator of a politician’s skills and abilities.

Marin would, of course, say that she was simply quoting an anonymous friend of Obama and not offering friendly political advice. No, no, for that would be akin to endorsing, and the Sun Times doesn’t do that anymore. They said so.

But wait, Marin did write that “she [Hillary] deserves another shot at the top slot in 2016.” Like she’s entitled, it seems.

And so it is as one of the Watchdogs is watching out for the Democrats, especially Hillary, while reporting for the Sun Times P.A.C.

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