Did Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s bipolar condition cause him to commit perjury?


Thomas Barton, Investigative Reporter

2008 Democratic National Convention

Jesse Jackson, Jr. supporters claim that he was not himself when he repeatedly broke campaign finance laws, beginning in 2005 and continuing thru 2012.  And, that his bipolar condition contributed to his illegal behavior?


Read: Statement Of The Offense

If we're to believe J.J., Jr. when he testified that he didn't attempt to purchase the U.S. Senate seat from then governor Rod Blagojevich, wouldn't the USAO charge Raghuveer Nayak and Rajinder Bedi with lying to federal agents for claiming that he did try to purchase the Senate seat?  And furthermore, they were instructed by Jackson family members to facilitate the purchase?

Someone is lying here.

Either Raghuveer Nayak and Rajinder Bedi need to be charged with lying to the feds, or bipolar-Jackson committed perjury when he claimed he didn't try to buy a lifetime ticket on the Senate gravy train.

So, which is it Attorney General Eric Holder?

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