United Airlines pilots partnered with religious charlatans!


Marty Watters, Investigative reporter

United Airlines pilots Sherry Walker and Laura Cox founded a "non-profit" group named Airlines Employees 4 Health Freedom (AE4HF).

The purported purpose of AE4HF was to fight covid vaccine mandates based on religious exemptions, which are required by federal law.

To accomplish this goal, Walker and Cox partnered with Pastor David Hogan, a religious charlatan who sells concocted miracles at Spring First Church in Harris County, Texas.

Here's a laugh-out-loud example of the type of miracles being sold by Hogan and one of his fellow grifters: his mother.

Watch the first 10 minutes.

Yep, grifting is a family business at Spring First Church. The family that preys together stays together. 

Hogan, by his own admission, wants to emulate preachers like Kenneth Copeland, And says he is a "great man".

Decide for yourself.


Recently, in another comedy-filled episode of David Hogan's podcast, Worldwide Impact, Hogan tells of a church member who filled her car's gas tank with water from a garden hose and according to him it worked like a charm.

What a convenient miracle for the times we're in.

Like Walker and Cox, Hogan also works for United Airlines, and claims he helped raise $millions for AE4HF in order to pay legal fees to his lawyer friend, John C. Sullivan, and his team of Deep State lawyers to "represent" the plaintiffs in Sambrano v. United Airlines.


But Hogan won't answer any questions about his good friend's connections to the global World Economic Forum-connected law firm, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, which also works for United Airlines and Pfizer. When you ask pertinent questions regarding those facts, Hogan just declares that you are a hater doing the devil's work.

And according to Pastor David Hogan, the Devil is trying to expose the Deep State connections to United Airlines. 

In my case, Hogan even went as far as accusing me of working against him and AE4HF on behalf of United Airlines. Really David?

When pressed further on his ridiculous accusations, Hogan changed direction and acknowledged that he understands that United Airlines is "in bed with the U.S Government and the Deep State" in a laughable effort to convince me that he and I were on the same side.

Wow! This clown obviously thinks that everyone is as gullible as the individuals who send him money in hopes of receiving miracle bathrooms and cars that run on water from a garden hose.

Right now,  AE4HF and Hogan's so-called "fight" against United is nowhere to be seen. Sherry Walker, Laura Cox and David Hogan are all completely silent on the subject of Sambrano v. United Airlines.


They raised millions of dollars to pay Deep State attorneys to pick a so-called religious fight with the Deep State and then they just up and disappeared. "Like a fart in the wind".

How peculiar.

Not to worry. They are still taking donations. And who knows, if you donate enough to Spring First Church and  AE4HF, you might just experience your own "miracle bathroom" along the way just like "queen mother" Brenda Hogan.

As the Hogan family likes to preach ad nauseam - giving money to them is  necessary to receiving a "miracle" of your own.

Much more to come...

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