Update: Obama associate Daniel S Mahru sentence delayed until after election.


Ernie Souchak, Editor-in-Chief, Illinois PayToPlay


The Department of Justice will not disclose Daniel S. Mahru's probation deal publicly until after the Presidential election.

 Mr. Mahru was scheduled to be sentenced on Oct 4, however to no surprise to anyone paying attention, that date has now been reset to November 15.


Are reporters at the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times covering this scandal, or are they drafting fairy tale books about it?

Origninal post  9-20-12
DoJ silences Obama associate Daniel S  Mahru with his freedom
Ernie Souchak, Etidor-in-Chief, Illinois PayToPlay

llinoispaytoplay.com (IP2P) has learned that Daniel S. Mahruformer business partner of Antoin "Tony" Rezko, made a deal with the Department of Justice (DoJ) for his silence. IP2P is the first to report that on, October 4 2012, Daniel S. Mahru will receive probation at his sentencing hearing.


IP2P has also learned that this is being done to insure Mahru will not speak of crimes, of which he has knowledge, that implicate Barack Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Allison Davis, Tony Rezko and others. (Remember Tony recently saying he committed crimes for which Fitzgerald did not charge him.)


IP2P is also investigating the circumstances surrounding meetings that took place where Daniel T Frawley and Daniel S Mahru (both convicted felons) met with author Jerome Corsi in Chicago to discuss secret meetings between Barack Obama, Nadhmi Auchi, Tony Rezko, (now GovernorPat Quinn, and others.


Mahru is unwilling to talk about what was discussed at those meetings. Could that have anything to do with his probation deal?


The DoJ and (now formerU.S Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald protected Eric Holder, Barack Obama and a host of other criminals that occupy high offices in our state and federal government.


Brenda J Elliot at rbo2.com recently posted an article suggesting how important Mahrus silence is to the DoJ.  


Where's that special prosecutor when you need him?





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